Absalom Solar Freight (ASF)

Type: Corporation

Insignia: Their iconic green abstract eagle, shaped loosely as a Y with the Eagle’s head nestled in the intersection.

Purpose: Provides cargo hauling services to the entire Pact Worlds system. Shareholders interested in going galactic.

Headquarters: Although they have a significant presence on Absalom Station, their HQ is located on a logistics station in interplanetary space.

ASF has several divisions beyond their most basic shipping services. The Special Freight Division (SFD), for example, is responsible for discovering new routes and delivering high value and/or secretive goods. Officially, the SFD does not partake in smuggling operations.

The Redstar Marines are tightly allied with the ASF, being their primary vendor for security services. Space Pirates and Free Captains are the ASF’s most significant opposition. Other shipping companies exist, but the ASF is the undisputed champion in their industry.



Type: Corporation

Insignia: Blue DNA strand configured to appear vaguely like musical scales.

Purpose: Development and manufacture of bio-altering genetic sequences that grant instrument-like capabilities, such as self-harmonizing vocal cords or broadcast lungs.

Headquarters: Marata, moon of Bretheda.


Free Captains

Type: Syndicate

Insignia: A skull, frequently with some object crossed beneath it in an X, such as bones or swords.

Purpose: As per CRB. Vaguely honorable via a shared code of conduct.

Headquarters: Broken Rock, in the Diaspora.


Pact Stewards

Type: Governmental (Loose, Interplanetary)

Insignia: Blue shield with expansive wings and gold trim, bearing three golden stars.

Purpose: As CRB, but more expansive and accepted involvement in system-wide policing. Leave small matters and most individual crimes to local law enforcement organizations, concentrating on significant threats to peace and security throughout the system.

Headquarters: Bastion, Absalom Station.


Redstar Marines

Type: Mercenary Corporation

Insignia: A red five-pointed star, sometimes presented on a background of black and red wings in a circular pattern flying upwards out of the star.

Purpose: Provide security services to clients, usually but not limited to corporations. While not all clients are perfectly clean , the Redstar Marines will avoid “dark work” that is obviously vicious or evil in nature. They will not, for instance, take on assassination contracts.

Headquarters: Akiton.