House Rules


  • Character options are limited to core, Paizo-published material only, unless otherwise noted.
  • Rolling a natural 1 on a skill check does result in automatic failure, if the check was made under duress (i.e., in combat or another high-stress circumstance).

Personal Combat

  • Initiative is rolled at the beginning of each combat round.


  • In this setting, Drift is a coterminous plane.
  • Drift Ratings for Starships refer to the number of light years travelled per standard 25-hour day. For example, a Drift engine with a rating of 2 can travel 2 light years per standard day.
    • Fun Factoid One: This equates to ~3.3 kilometers per second, or 1 meter in 0.0003 seconds.
    • Fun Factoid Two: Given that the galaxy is approximately 100,000 LY wide, it would take a little over 55 years to cross at maximum Drift (Rating 5).
  • Drift Static can force a ship back into primespace. Drift Static is primarily a natural phenomenon found at the edges of solar systems, thickening closer to the star, and presumed to be a residual from stellar genesis.
    • Gravitationally dense objects, such as black holes, actively generate Drift Static.
    • Many nebulae contain complex webs of Drift Static. Due to their size, this can present a significant navigational challenge.
    • Some researchers study ways to penetrate denser Static Fields – effectively increase the penetration into a system from Drift Engines.
    • It is possible to launch into Drift from a solar system, so long as the ship’s vector is outward from the star.
  • Conservation of Momentum works differently in Drift. It is impossible to remain motionless – the minimum speed is Drift 1.
  • Turns in Drift are slow and deliberate – turn too quickly, and the Drift engine will destabilize and shove the ship back into primespace.


  • Despite the Drift changes, most starships still require 1 minute of stationary time to activate Drift engines. This is a field of research and some experimental ships might vary, although they may not be… safe.
  • Starship selection and enhancement is story-mode: no automatic ship acquisition or improvements.  Build points or specific gear can sometimes be earned through play.
  • Starship DCs adjusted:
    • If the CRB lists a DC as X + 2/tier, then the new DC is X + 1.5/tier.
    • If the CRB lists a DC as X + 3/tier, then the new DC is X + 2/tier.
    • NPC Crew skills adjusted to 4 + tier/ranks, or 7 + tier/ranks for master.