Starfinder: ASF Starfighters

I created two player-piloted starfighters for the most recent adventure. Both are used in my campaign by the Absalom Solar Freight corporation, to protect their cargo haulers throughout the pact worlds. These are Tier 1 starships.

I-14 Lane Interceptor

The first is an I-14 lane interceptor, which is designed to directly defend a cargo vessel, utilizing long-range missiles to destroy attacking spacecraft at maximum distance, and can inflict heavy damage on much larger vessels than itself. Their point-defense capability helps avoid return missile fire. This starfighter probably resembles an XCOM interceptor, such as this one:

Screenshot 2017-09-15 22.37.46.png


F-6 Light Superiority Fighter

The second is an F-6 light superiority fighter – it is fast, and can easily obtain superior positioning on an opponent. It’s primary purpose is to engage and neutralize enemy starfighters. I envision the shape as along the line of this concept art:

Screenshot 2017-09-15 22.37.28.png

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